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This specification provides a standard JSON structure/schema for the representation of semantic library content and API models. This is used to

  • import library content into any conformant modelling tool, and to
  • interchange API models between conformant modelling tools.

A DSL (domain specific language) approach is preferred here because it will be simpler and more stable than XMI (interchange standard for UML tools) and will allow non-UML based tools to participate equally in the market.

The interchange specification is broken into three parts, each with a dedicated metamodel and each representing models that can be interchanged independently.

  • The domain model is essentially the “towm plan” for all UN/CEFACT API resources.
  • The resource model details the state lifecycle and information model of a specific API resource.
  • the CodeList model represents code list schemes and the flat or hierarchical set of code values.



This specification will have achieved its purpose when at least two different modelling tools (UML based or otherwise) can successfully interchange any of the three model types.


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Domain Model Interchange

Metamodel, JSON schema & sample instance goes here

Resource Model Interchange

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CodeList Interchange

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