Community is designed to support a wide range of stakeholders. Anyone with an interest in standards associated with international trade. Whether you are just want to be kept informed, or need support for conformant implementations or want to actively contribute to our work.

Keep Informed

For those that just want to stay informed. Subscribe to the regular edi3 newsletter. We’ll update you about the latest developments and opportunities at most once per week and you can un-subscribe anytime.

Join the Conversation

For those that want to chat to some experts. Join the edi3 Slack team and subscribe to as many channels as you wish (there’s one for each spec and a general channel). You can join the conversation, make suggestions, or ask questions and get help.

Provide your Feedback

If you have an improvement suggestion or just spot a typo that we should fix then you can either just raise a ticket in the relevasnt repository (every specification home page has an “issues list” link). Or, if you are a little more experienced with github, you can fork the repository, make you proposed changes, and send us a pull request. You need your own personal Github account to do that - but it’s easy and free to create one.

Help with Development

For those that want to contribute to our work. Github is our main tool for development of the edi3 specifications and reference implementations. It’s all in the open and all open source. Feel free to leave us comments or report a bug in the relevant GitHub issue list. However if you’d like to make some substantive contribution to our work then you must first register as a UN/CEFACT expert as described on the governance page

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